Formed in 2002, Moonlit Studios is the creative association of Sam Bobb, Brock Fowler, and Curtis Abbott. All three graduated from Rutherford B. Hayes High School in Delaware, Ohio. Sam studied Electrical Engineering at Northwestern University, Brock studied Telecommunications at Ohio University, and Curtis studied Digital Media Production at Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

The three met in their high school theatre while participating in the technical theatre program and soon expanded their creative teamwork to the school television studio. There they started WDHS Live, a daily live news show broadcast to the school each morning. Sam, Brock, and Curtis produced, directed, and handled all technical video, graphics, sound, and camera responsibilities for three years, before they passed the reins to younger students. Under the care of Moonlit Studios the show blossomed from a studio based, single anchor news show to a strong media source with sports, weather, special features, interviews, and a cast and crew of over twelve students.

As Sam, Brock, and Curtis began to work on more creative video and live projects together, they developed a great sense of teamwork and creative process. In 2002, they coined the name Moonlit Studios as a way to identify themselves and the projects they worked on together. The name is a reference to the tendency the group has to finishing projects late at night. The three members of Moonlit Studios provide a diverse range of talents, that they leverage to provide high quality, creative products. Moonlit Studio's unique advantage in creative productions stems from guiding this diversity with common goals. Each member has high expectations for final products, great technical ability, and a critical artistic eye. They are artists, but they are also experienced techies. As a team, they can breeze through all the computer, camera, network, electrical, sound, and video problems they encounter to realize their artistic vision.

Moonlit Studios stops at nothing to achieve a product that exceeds expectations.